The Hall Fungal Research group

We are a friendly group who are known not only for our science, but also for our baking skills and flavoured coffee.

  • Rebecca Hall

    Principal investigator (the person responsible for paying the bills). I started working with fungal pathogens during my first postdoctoral position at the University of Kent. My research interests include environmental adaptation, host-pathogen interactions and quorum sensing. You can find out more about me on my staff profile.

  • Sarah Sherrington

    I am currently working as a technician within the lab. I am interested in host pathogen interactions between Candida albicans and human cells. I am especially interested in the human immune system response to C. albicans infection and how C. albicans is able to receive and use environmental signals to promote virulence and evade the immune system.

  • Emily Dixon

    My PhD in the Hall lab is investigating polymicrobial infections involving Candida. I am investigating the signalling pathways involved in quorum sensing and also the mechanisms of the direct binding of bacteria to fungal hyphae. To elucidate the role of these interactions in the outcome of infection, I will also be developing polymicrobial infection models.

  • Courtney Kousser

    I am currently undertaking a PhD jointly in the Hall and Voelz labs at the University of Birmingham. My work focuses on polymicrobial interactions and host-pathogen interactions. While many diseases are becoming increasingly recognised as polymicrobial in nature, the impact of these interactions are poorly understood, especially those involving fungi.

  • Farhana Alam

    I am on a 4-year Wellcome Trust funded PhD studentship in Antimicrobials & Antimicrobial Resistance. My work in the Hall lab is in collaboration with Dr Jess Blair, and is focused on the roll of polymicrobial interactions in antimicrobial drug resistance.


  • Lynsey Roderick

    I completed my BSc in Zoology at Aberystwyth University. Since graduating I have held positions in Microbiology and Parasitology quality control laboratories. I am now completing my MSc in Microbiology and Infection at the University of Birmingham. I have joined the group to conduct research into the interactions between Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida albicans and how they affect virulence and host-pathogen interactions.

  • Abigail Clark

    Abi is investigating the impact that growth within a multi-species community has on the fungal cell wall composition, and host-pathogen interactions, of Candida albicans. Working within a medical context, Abi is studying the role of polymicrobial interactions within heterogeneous biofilm populations of bacteria and fungi, and the consequences these have on immune recognition and treatment of mixed infections.

  • Wioletta Piotrowska

    I am currently studying biotechnology at Warsaw University, Poland. After completing my second year I was awarded a scholarship, which has enabled me to come to Birmingham to develop my research skills. I would like to focus my research on microbiology, particularly host-pathogen interactions and I am currently working on the environmental adaptation of C. glabrata.

  • Jiwar Al-Zawity

    I am currently doing my MRes in Molecular and Cellular Biology. My research in the Hall lab is about the environmental regulation of host-pathogen interactions. Currently, I am investigating the interactions between Candida albicans and mouse cells using different environmental parameters to see how they influence the structure of C. albicans cell wall as well as their impact on the innate immune response to the fungi.

  • Caraugh Albany

    I am currently an Biological sciences undergraduate student at the university undertaking my final year project with Dr Hall. My research within the Hall lab involves investigating the role of extra-cellular DNA in polymicrobial biofilms. After graduation I intend to continue research and undertake a phD in a related field.